The Ecosystem SAMOTHRACE aims to realize the vision of a global collaboration environment among major actors in the area of microelectronics, microsystems, materials and microtechnologies that have been operating with base in the Sicilian region but with a global perspective. SAMOTHRACE focuses on the European Commission global challenge “Digital, Industry & Space”, but it also addresses other challenges as “Health”, “Energy & Mobility”, “Agriculture & Environment”.

SAMOTHRACE will operate in accordance with most of the “Global Sustainable   Development   Goals”: improving sustainable agriculture, ensuring healthy lives, achieving gender equality and inclusion, providing modern energy for all, promoting sustainable growth, supporting sustainable industrial growth.

Our Main areas of interest: Pillars

Developing several materials, technologies and systems for the energy production, storage and harvesting from ultra-low (portable, wearable, autonomous systems, …) to high power applications (automotive, power grids, …)

Establish a rich pool of knowledge, skills and market opportunities in the field of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) testing, smart wearable devices, intelligent implantable devices, devices for the continuous monitoring of biometric parameters and portable devices for medical imaging

Development of wireless technologies for reliable interconnection within vehicles, high performance, compact, cost-effective power switching system and hybrid dynamic systems for microelectronic devices to minimize losses in energy exchange.

Developing micro and nanostructures for pollutant sensing and removal of main contaminants in the atmosphere of indoor, outdoor, industrial areas and marine environment.

Giving rise to an innovative design, manufacturing, tuning and validation center for breakthrough materials and devices.

Carry an efficient innovation in precision agriculture through the development of smart systems aimed at a sustainable management of water, reduction of environmental impact of livestock production and harmful undesiderable bioproduct detection.


From Technology Transfer to IP Strategy. Technology Transfer as a path to Europe’s technological sovereignty.

28 Partners

4 Universities, 6 Research Institutes, 4 Large Companies, 14 PMEs