Cultural Heritage

Pillar Leaders

Anna Gueli, UNICT,

Delia Chillura Martino, UNIPA,


The SAMOTHRACE ecosystem has identified Cultural Heritage as one of its pillars with the mission to “create a diffuse system that could give rise to an innovative design, manufacturing, tuning and validation center for breakthrough materials and devices dedicated to Cultural Heritage applications”.

The variety of the Sicilian heritage patrimony poses a series of issues whose solutions could enhance its correct fruition. The aim of the pillar is to develop procedures, through measurement methodologies and analysis, that could guarantee high-level precision and eventually be at the base of authenticity certificates and intervention and investigation protocols.

Within the aim of the pillar, the champion activities will be the basis to develop the “electronic excavation notebook”, to design devices and protocols for 3D reconstruction, digitalization, virtual and augmented reality to, ideally, construct a customized-museum in which the end-user could find any information depending on its need and curiosity. Special devices able to guarantee the fruition even to people with special needs will be realized.

The initial activities of the pillar were focused on establishing the state of the art, designing preliminary experiments, and on the scouting of archeological sites, museums, historical buildings, and art galleries. Collaborations with several cultural heritage institution have been established.

SAMOTHRACE for Archaeology, Art and History

Flagship Activities

  • Assembly of devices and characterization of system under known conditions
  • Validation of acquisition and monitoring procedures by emulating realistic scenarios in laboratory
  • Deployment of innovative diagnostic systems and procedures
  • Synthesis of low cost and eco-friendly cellulose-based SERS substrates for the identification of dyes
  • Synthesis and caracterization of nanostructured and self-cleaning materials as alternative greeen methods for preservation
  • Materials and sustainable technologies for the preservation and restoration of stone and cellulosic materials 
  • Implementation of diagnostics, conservation and fruition
  • Development of systems for the digital exploration and the storytelling with particula attention to visitors with special needs 
  • Microclimate monitoring of chemical and physical parameters by mimetic solutions based on micro and nano technologies and living organisms
  • Smart sensors for indoor localization in CH sites
  • Enhanched fruition through eXtended Reality (XR) tools, e.g., wearable devices, smart glasses, mobile devices
  • 3D reconstruction, artworks scanning, CH building modelling for remote Virtual Tours 
  • VR models persistance to allow social fruition and interaction among visitors  


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