the samothrace FOUNDation

Who we are

As for the Greek myth of Nike, the winged victory of Samothrace island, the vision of the SAMOTHRACE ecosystem of innovation is to use the wings of microelectronics and microtechnologies to bring Sicily beyond its current limits to successful  accomplishments that, passing through areas such as energy, health, smart mobility, environment, cultural heritage, smart agriculture will have a tangible impact on industries and on the society as a whole.

18 Founding Partners

Our Mission

SAMOTHRACE has the ambition to leverage the consolidated vocation of Sicily in the area of microelectronics and micro and nano technologies to an even higher and more diffuse level.

The whole set of activities build on the fil rouge of micro and nano technologies, microelectronics, materials microsystem and devices. 

SAMOTHRACE will exploit all the new elements that move on the regional territory, identifying and supporting the interaction between the research skills of the regional Universities and Research Centers, and the entrepreneurial visions present.  

A spillover process for the valorization of know how will build over peaks of excellence.


Scientific Committee