Call for Ideas

Open call to research topics that could be part of the cascade calls

The SAMOTHRACE ecosystem has the goal to extend its area of activities outside the perimeter of partners delineated at the moment of proposal submission.

This will increase the impact of the action in the ecosystem as also planned in the strategic view stated at the moment of the presentation of the SAMOTHRACE project.   

The cascade calls, open calls for additional research activities that each of the public spoke has planned to develop in coordination with those already included the SAMOTHRACE project, will be an instrument of inclusion aimed to expand the basin of attraction of the ecosystem to stakeholders and actors currently outside the perimeter of SAMOTHRACE ecosystem.

We aim to attract through this instrument, other public and private research and innovation subjects that can bring added value to the overall action in SAMOTHRACE.

Universities, public and private research institutes, Startups, SMEs/Large enterprises at national and international level BUT WITH AN OPERATIVE UNIT LOCATED IN SOUTHERN ITALY will be very welcome as potential recipients of the SAMOTHRACE Cascade Calls.

Cascade Calls will be issued by our public Spokes (UNICT, UNIME, UNIPA, CNR and INFN.

In order to better focus the topic of the Cascade calls such to match complementarity between the current activities of the ecosystem and the actual needs/ideas coming from stakeholders, the SAMOTHRACE Hub is opening a Call for ideas.

Interested entities are invited to have a look at the activities currently in place among the partner of the ecosystem by visiting the pages of this website dedicated to both Spokes and Pillars of SAMOTHRACE.

Spokes will develop horizontal activities that spam across all the six area of interest of the ecosystem (agriculture, health, mobility, energy, cultural heritage, environment).

Pillars are focused on each specific area looking across the spokes by identifying, highlighting and supporting the development of specific champions or flagship activities of the SAMOHTRACE ecosystem. 

Specific themes of the cascade calls will be therefore identified by looking both at the “internal” activities and needs of the ecosystems and at the suggestions and ideas received by stakeholder external at the ecosystem. In particular, ideas that can extend/complement the actions already in place in the ecosystem and sought.

Those interested in participating to the Call for ideas are invited to register and then submit a proposal by following the link shown below.

Call for ideas will be continuously open throughout the activity of the SAMOTHRACE project.

Once submitted, the ideas collected through this “call for ideas”  will be taken in consideration by the “Research and innovation committee”  and by the scientific leaders of the spokes that will be, in coordination with the Hub, the bodies responsible for eventually including one or more of the ideas proposed as topic in the cascade calls.