Smart Mobility

Pillar Leaders

Gaetano Palumbo, UNICT,


The pivotal role played by Smart Mobility has been acknowledged as one of the pillars within the SAMOTHRACE ecosystem. By leveraging ST’s leading position in providing advanced silicon carbide for electric vehicles (EV), the pillar aims to develop new technology iterations for both semiconductors and packaging meant for the EV’s main traction inverter. Furthermore, innovative LiDAR systems will be developed based on gallium nitride, another emerging semiconductor material. Among other objectives, some efforts will be devoted to wireless technologies (MIMO and mmWaves) for reliable and secure interconnection within vehicle inner and outer services and vehicles, ultra-low-voltage/current analog/mixed-signal/digital CMOS IC reusable cell library.

Innovative applications of smart sensors will be pursued to combine embedded and moving sensors for traffic and condition evaluation and for reliable control of V2X technologies (C-ITS and CCAM) in smart roads, for improving environmental and safety conditions of land and naval mobility and to improve electric vehicle smart recharge. Online monitoring of the pilots’ workload is also an important issue which will be exploited for the safety management loop of the air transport.

Equipment solutions for vehicle (zero emission and autonomous driving) and solution for traffic control will be integrated in an advanced software platform and tools capable of managing access to the new generation of micro sensors and devices designed in the project (and providing analysis tools supported by Artificial Intelligence, deep learning models, reconstruction and classification of a vehicle accident, driving style analysis, predictive vehicle maintenance, vehicles fleet management i.e platooning, driving security services, interaction with electric charging stations).

SAMOTHRACE for Smart Mobility

Flagship Activities

  • Silicon carbide and power modules for traction inverters
  • Gallium nitride for LiDAR and ADAS systems
  • V2X technologies for smart roads
  • Smart parking
  • Smart and wireless charging stations
  • Low power analog, digital and mixed circuits
  • Accident prevention, predictive maintenance
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • MIMO and mmWave systems for reliable interconnection


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