SPoke #9


Route to Innovation

Spoke Description

Leader Partner: Quantum Leap

Leader: Francesca Tosato

Affiliated Partners



The innovation process in SAMOTHRACE is implemented through Spoke 9 whose mission is:

  • Support and foster Technology Transfer from the very beginning of all project activities across all Spokes
  • Act as a link between the internal structure of Samothrace and the external industrial environment
  • Support entrepreneurship within the ecosystem.

The efficient and timely management of innovation processes and the associated know-how requires clear and flexible policies that take account of the interdependencies of different functions and actors typical of complex projects. This means developing technological solutions that can cope with the dynamic and evolving competitive environment.

In addition, when the development of a technological solution is the result of collaboration between several parties, there is a need for mitigation of potential risk factors. Spoke 9 supports the Thematic Pillars in a Systemic way through IPLCM© (Intellectual Property Life Cycle Management) at each of the development stages. This ensures that the technological solutions reaching the market are consistent and effective.

The proper creation, management and valorisation of IP means increasing the turnover of the small and medium-sized enterprises involved in Samothrace and increasing the market value of the start-ups and spin-offs that are to be created over the next 10 years.

R2I: Dissemination

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