SPoke #8


Medical oriented Technologies

Spoke Description

Leader Partner: UPMC

Leader: Gennaro Martucci

Affiliated Partners

IOR, Bcame, AMED, EDG, Engineeting, EHT


The activities, organized in a single working package, will be devoted to the conceptualization of organizational models for the implementation of the telemedicine systems in different application scenarios, such as: i) virtual hospitals virtual hospitals; ii) teleconsult physician to physician (ICU); iii) teleassistance at home of elderly and vulnerable people (namely people with chronic diseases). The activities will be carried out in coordination with 6 affiliated partners (IOR, Bcame, Ad Medical Engineering Devices (AMED), EDG, Engineering, EHT).


WP1: Organizational model for the implementation of telemedicine systems. The primary objective will be to test the organizational model, starting from the identification of the sites/recruitment of people, data gathering, and data analysis, including the possibility of developing predictive models for the monitoring and assessment of health-related conditions. In this respect, UPMC ITALY, as part of the UPMC Group, could beneficiate of the UPMC Health Data Alliance (PHDA), a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh and the UPMC, which integrates the experience of the University of Pittsburgh, with that of the Carnegie Mellon University in computer science and machine learning with the focus on the automatic learning for the precision medicine. Tasks will include the support to the identification of research projects that have a real impact both on the health system and on the market, i.e. in the so-called “disruptive innovation in health”, understood as a set of strategic, technical, financial and fair evaluations, able to support the creation of innovative products and new technologies that can significantly affect the lives of patients and offer real answers to the challenges of research and health care. Furthermore, expansion of the evaluation of health technologies beyond medical devices in the strictest sense will be also addressed, in order to include the wide and diverse range of technologies that impact on the quality of the NHS and anticipating the research activity as much as possible to the design and development phases of the technologies themselves. A main goal will be also the analysis of new models and protocols functional to the implementation of the quality of services provided and to support companies in de-risking approaches for the preclinical development of medical devices.



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