Route to Innovation (R2I)

Pillar Leaders

Barbara Sanavio, Quantum Leap,

Filippo D’Arpa, DTMNS,

Sebastiano Distefano, PSTS Sicilia,


Traditional models of Technology Transfer assume that technology moves from a particular economic entity to another.
In a new perspective, Technology Transfer is essentially seen as a specific knowledge transfer process that depends on the way companies and other institutions manage knowledge, in particular on the co-evolution (the company evolves, grows, changes, becomes more inclusive and open to knowledge) of their absorptive capacities (timing, processes, culture) and their knowledge transfer strategies (business models).

The exploitation and transfer of scientific and technological results developed in innovation ecosystems such as SAMOTHRACE play a fundamental and increasingly important role in terms of economic development and are considered to be the driving force behind the transition from a manufacturing production system to the so-called knowledge-based society (knowledge-based economy).

The role of technology transfer will be crucial in supporting the creation of an environment conducive to independent European innovation, with the primary objective of developing autonomy, or at least limited structural dependence, in core technologies. In other words, achieving the necessary EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGICAL SOVEREIGNTY.

Proper management of Intellectual Property allows for a profitable co-research and co-development relationship and promotes the correlation between IP strategy and business strategy in an effective and coherent way. It is therefore increasingly necessary and strategic to refine the process of creating, managing and exploiting Intellectual Property, which is intended not only as a lever for protection in the markets, but also as a tool for accelerating the economic and technological growth of businesses on a global scale.

The application of coherent tools and processes will allow the technological solutions developed by SAMOTHRACE to be effectively marketed. In this perspective, Technology Transfer is always aimed at an optimised go-to-market approach and timeframe.
To meet evolving market needs, it is essential to correlate the technological context, the economic scenario and the accelerators of change. The effectiveness of these processes requires reliable, real-time data to support strategic decisions.

IPLCM© (Intellectual Property Life Cycle Management) is a patent-pending process, exclusively licensed to Quantum Leap, that allows to plan an effective market landing from the earliest stages of the development of innovation projects. This is also crucial to mitigate the risks associated with the POC phase, while identifying the best business and Technology Transfer model in relation to the project’s unique characteristics. The IPLCM© is the tool for implementing the IP Strategy, and SAMOTHRACE will apply it to all innovation projects under development through the R2I pillar.


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