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Advanced Sensors and Systems

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Leader Partner: UNIME

Leader: Giovanni Neri

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The research activities and methodologies are focused on the development of materials and micro-nanotechnologies for advanced sensors and systems. The activities, organized in six main work packages (Energy, Environment, Health, Smart Mobility, Agritech and Cultural Heritage), involve a team with specific skills and experiences in multiple scientific fields from chemistry, materials science and surfaces, comprising expertise that find finalization in the development of high performances devices and sensors.

  • WP1 – Energy. Four main activities will be carried out: i) development of microsystems for direct conversion of solar energy into chemical energy; ii) preparation and characterization of devices for production and storage of energy by novel 2D materials; iii) characterization, reliability assessment and development of power converters for energy storage and renewable energies applications; iv) energy harvesting systems based on electromagnetic technologies.
  • WP2 – Environment. Development and prototyping of innovative solid-state chemical sensors for monitoring the main pollutants in the atmosphere of indoor, outdoor, industrial areas and marine environment through: i) synthesis of functional materials for high performances chemical sensors; ii) development of engineered chemical sensors and their validation; iii) sensor architectures assembling, power management and data processing.
  • WP3 – Health. Focus on micro and nano technologies for medical applications through the development and prototyping of: i) lab-on-chip biosensors able to perform sample preparation and molecular analyses; ii) smart wearable sensors for real time monitoring vital parameters; iii) multi-sensor platform with integrated heterogeneous wireless-interconnected devices/sensors; iv) innovative Cloud/Edge software architectures to serve smart sensor data.
  • WP4 – Smart Mobility. Application of micro and nano sensors for: i) combining embedded and moving sensors for traffic and condition evaluation and for reliable control of V2X technologies; ii) improving environmental and safety conditions of land and naval mobility; iii) improving electric vehicle smart recharge; iv) monitoring volcanic ash emissions, transport and fallout.
  • WP5 – Agritech. Development and testing of: i) electrochemical sensors aimed at continuous monitoring of crops by a multidisciplinary approach; ii) information algorithms and technologies to manage critical aspects related to the transmission, classification and interpretation of the acquired data.
  • WP6 – Cultural heritage. In the context of degradation phenomena the activities will be focused on two complementary and interdisciplinary tasks: i) selection of case studies representative of the variety of materials and their respective contexts to define the features required for sensing; ii) development and characterization of innovative sensors based on several transduction effects.

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