SPoke #7


Industrial & ICT Innovation

Spoke Description

Leader Partner: Meridionale Impianti

Leader: Antonio Astuti

Affiliated Partners

RainShow, TOP NETWORK, EHT, Xenia, Engineering, Power Evolution, BCAME


The activities will be devoted to the creation of a microgrid and collection of data to find solutions for energy management and storage systems, by exploiting the MI own site where different forms of energy are available (PV, Wind, Solar Thermodinamic). The focus is on the energy efficiency and optimization in its various forms, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the decarbonization of cities. The activities will be carried out by coordinating the affiliated partners (RainShow, TOP NETWORK, EHT, Xenia, Engineering, Power Evolution and BCAME SRL) on each of the 5 work packages forecasted.

WP1: GRES – enerGy REnewable Source. Development of: i) system and components based on semiconductor technologies (SiC/GaN/Si) for very high power, density and voltage applications; ii) sustainable energy carriers; iii) a marketplace platform at the service of a community of multi-energy prosumers.

WP2: SOLUM – Solutions for Mobility. Development of specific equipment solutions for vehicle, zero emission and autonomous driving, for traffic control, integrated in an advanced software platform and tools capable of managing access to the new generation of micro sensors and devices designed in the project.

WP3: SEFORE – Services for Environment. Development of innovative methodologies and techniques for the interoperable management of big data and geographic information, obtained through Earth Observation systems and data sources from micro-sensors on the ground.

WP4: PLACHE – Platform for Cultural Heritage. Development, through the combined employment of enabling technologies like CH Site modern scanning, 3D Modelling, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning for Object Detection and Recognition, of a platform for Cultural Heritage fruition and touristic destination users, able to integrate content from traditional sources and data generated in real time by users and environmental IoT sensors.

WP5: SAFIND – Safety for Industry 4.0. Monitoring of construction and production sites from safety and security taking advantages of enabling technologies like Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence applied to images and IoT data. Innovative IoT devices will be applied to workers, equipment robot and people, in order to monitor movements and prevent accidents

I3: Dissemination

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