SPoke #3


Micro and Nanotechnologies for Smart & Sustainable Communities

Spoke Description

Leader Partner: UNIPA

Leader: Delia Chillura Martino

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The focus is on sustainability as a universal value of any technology that will be developed or applied. Innovative applications of cutting-edge technologies will be tested in different productive sectors leading to new solutions. Developed technologies will be transferred to the local SMEs accelerating existing start-ups and promoting new spin-offs. Innovative research is organized in six main work packages whose activities will lead to verifiable and transferable deliverables.


WP1-ENERGY: Innovative materials and smart systems for energy management

Organized in two activities focused on development and testing of i) innovative materials, ii) systems and devices. The applications will concern the areas of energy saving, energy production and storage and the use of smart systems and technologies for energy management.


WP2-ENVIRONMENT: Micro and nanotechnologies for green economy applications
Cover the workflow from in-silico design to production and application for environmentally friendly innovative solutions through five activities: i) A.I. based materials design and characterization, ii) carbon based materials functionalization for sensing devices, iii) microelectrochemical devices for sensing and remediation, iv) microflow reactors technology for green sustainable chemistry processes, v) integrated technologies for the design and validation of multifunctional components for ZEBs, EPBs and responsive buildings.

WP3-SMART MOBILITY: Next generation devices for automotive applications
Aims to the reduction of polluting emissions by increasing the efficiency of the devices and systems that control the conversion of energy in the engines of electric and/or hybrid cars through three activities: i) generation and characterization of new sensing materials, ii) exploitation of the new SiC and GaN active devices to increase the efficiency and power density of converters, iii) development of hybrid dynamic systems for microelectronic devices to minimize losses in energy exchanges between the various systems of a car.


WP4-CULTURAL HERITAGE: “Watch, Care, Enjoy”: Smart Technologies for the monitoring, preservation and fruition of cultural heritage

Organized in three activities implementing i) new technologies (environmental vibration tests) for advanced monitoring techniques, ii) new materials and sustainable technologies for the preservation and restoration, iii) devices and micro-technologies for the creation of customized museums and interoperable database.

WP5-HEALTH: Healthcare 4.0: Intelligent systems and devices for personalized medicine
Aims at developing micro/nanotechnologies combining “cutting-edge” technologies to create new products and new processes to be used in the medical market through development and applications of: i) intelligent implantable devices, ii) non-invasive micro/nanotechnologies for the continuous monitoring of biometric parameters.

WP6-AGRITECH: Smart Systems for Sustainable Precision Agriculture
Aims at reducing the environmental impact of primary productions while improving the qualitative and quantitative standards of agricultural products through implementing new technologies for: i) data collection through mobile (drones) sensor with multi- and hyperspectral capabilities, ii) fixed sensor networks for real-time plant, soil, and proximal sensing data collection.

S2-COMMs: Dissemination

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