Pillar Leaders

David Mascali, INFN,

Alessandra Alberti, CNR,


The SAMOTHRACE ecosystem has identified Energy as one of its pillars with the mission to create technologies and systems that integrate advanced materials, designs and device architectures for production, conversion, storage and usage of Energy from Sustainable Resources.

The variety of the Sicilian partners with their specific know-how and expertise allow SAMOTHRACE to face challenges in many of the most strategic Energy sectors.

Champion activities are focused on 1) Devices for producing/converting energy from renewable sources, such as Perovskite Solar Cells and traditional PV; dye-sensitized photo-electrosynthetic cells for artificial photosynthesis; fusion energy devices with diagnostic sensors; spintronics for electromagnetic energy harvesting; 2) Devices for Energy Storage based on innovative thermochemical energy storage strategies,; energy storage from wastes; ammonia and hydrogen production, fuel cells; 3) Devices for energy usage such as power converters, monitoring/controlling devices for artificial lighting and environmental impact analysis. All the activities are supported by spoke 9 for Technology Transfer outlook and focused pathways.


Flagship Activities

  • Electromagnetic energy harvesting
  • Perovskite Solar Celles Engineered for High Durability
  • Nanomaterials and Methods for Energy Production
  • Artificial photosynthesis
  • Energy from wastes
  • High Power Supplies for Fusion and Renewable Energy Sources
  • Solar Fuels
  • Hydrogen production
  • Nanomaterials for Energy Storage
  • Artificial Lighting control


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