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Innovation throgh microelectonics, microsystems and materials

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Leader Partner: UNICT

Leader: Salvatore Mirabella

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Research activities are characterized first and foremost by a multidisciplinary approach based on micro- and nanoscale devices, systems, and materials with characteristics of innovation, sustainability, and potential for applications in various fields. Particular attention is devoted to the development of methodologies, procedures and best practices such as to ensure high accuracy and reliability. Six workpages have been identified to achieve the objectives in the various fields:

  • Energy. Innovative materials, devices and systems for very‐high efficiency energy conversion and harvesting through: (i) innovative, scalable and non critical materials, (ii) power devices architectures and modeling, (iii) smart and digitalized power grids aimed at efficient generation, storage and management of energy, (iii) nanomaterials, transparent conductive oxide, wideband gap semiconductors, heterostructures, power module optimization, energy‐harvesting.
  • Environment. Implementation of low environmental impact materials at for real‐time monitoring of anthropogenic pollutants. Pollutant detection and monitoring is the first line of action for mitigation using nanosystem and new material also in water. The principal aim concerns the exploitation of emerging 2 D materials to mitigate the environmental impact of electronic waste.
  • Smart mobility: Development of : i) wireless technologies, MIMO and microWaves) for reliable interconnection within vehicle inner and outer services and vehicles, ii) ultra ‐low ‐voltage/current analog /mixed ‐signal/digital CMOS IC reusable cell library, and iii) high ‐performance, compact, cost‐effective highly ‐isolated GaN monolithic power switching system.
  • Health: Enhancement of devices for (i) the comprehensive management of liquid biopsies (LB) and (ii) the monitoring of smoking‐ related unhealthy behaviours. Based on the LB approach, devices will be applied for myeloma and prostate cancer diagnostics, Alzheimer’s disease, acute myocardial infarction, and eukaryotic infected cell perturbations. To help improve smoking cessation clinical psychology, medicine, AI, data science, engineering and software will be combined to deliver a breakthrough technological solution.
  • Smart systems for precision agriculture: (i) Smart systems technologies and connected systems for smart water resources management, detection of GHG, PM, toxic substances and micro‐organisms thanks to, (ii) smart sensors and technological framework to increase the resilience of the fruit industry value chain, in particular for smart phenotyping for orchard management, early disease detection in Citrus and early detection of post harvest alterations.
  • Cultural Heritage: Innovative multidisciplinary approach to (i) the development of smart devices, materials, and innovative procedures for conservation and fruition and (2) seismic protection and enhancement of cultural heritage through application to appropriate case studies of movable and immovable heritage. Particular attention is given to the involvement and impact on the local community to contribute to the diagnosis of materials, conservation of artifacts, and fruition of archaeological sites and historical places and buildings.

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