Pillar Leaders

Sabrina Conoci, UniME,

Gennaro Martucci, UPMC,


The Health pillar aims to deliver a rich pool of knowledge in the development of new technologies based on micro-nanoelectronics and sensors to generate technological advancement in many fields of Healthcare with particular focus on in-vitro diagnostic (IVD), smart wearable devices, intelligent implantable devices, devices for the continuous monitoring of biometric parameters and portable devices for medical imaging. It is expected that Samothrace will create new technological healthcare platforms to fight most of the leading causes of death at regional and national levels due to chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, neurodegeneration and cardiovascular diseases); these last diseases are responsible for about 88000 deaths per year in Sicily (Assessorato Regionale della Salute, Dipartimento per le Attività Sanitarie ed Osservatorio Epidemiologico, Servizio 9 “Sorveglianza ed Epidemiologia Valutativa: Dato al 31 Dicembre 2021).

The pillar will apply transversal approaches integrating clinical needs with new technologies and market opportunities reaching new systems and devices developed at TRL (Technology Readiness Levels) between 5 and 6 (see below picture)

Market opportunities for Samothrace products will be linked to the innovative approaches they will establish for advanced healthcare. Samothrace will contribute to regional and national industries competitiveness in the field of clinical research, assays, optical readers and chips, including lab-on-chips. Samothrace will also develop new smart wearable devices offering a wealth of market opportunities.

The Samothrace Healthcare Ecosystem comprises knowledge, technologies and market approaching capacity to generate impactful products based on new medical technologies based on microdevices.

SAMOTHRACE for Healtcare

Flagship Activities

  • Development of new smart biosensors to be used in point-of-care format
  • Development of organ-on-chip systems for fast drug screening
  • Miniaturized Devices for personalized Radiotherapy
  • Implantable Devices with integrated Sensors
  • Smart sensors for indoor localization in CH sites
  • Enhanched fruition through eXtended Reality (XR) tools, e.g., wearable devices, smart glasses, mobile devices
  • 3D reconstruction, artworks scanning, CH building modelling for remote Virtual Tours 
  • VR models persistance to allow social fruition and interaction among visitors  


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